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The IF Project Volunteer Mentor Program

January 28, 2015 - 2:00 am

About 7200 prisoners are released from Washington state prisons each year. Of those released, 30% end up back behind bars. The IF Project provides a mentorship program started by Seattle detectives in 2008.  The program provides a volunteer mentor to support and assist incarcerated individuals when they’re released from prison.

KBCS Producer, Yuko Kodama interviewed Ashley Thiessen, Renton Technical college student and IF Project Mentee and Tanya Wachena, Thiessen’s IF Project Volunteer Mentor at the KBCS studios.

episode 1 – Ashley Thiessen and  Tanya Wachena talk recount how they met and picked each other as their mentorship partner

episode 2 -Ashley Thiessen reflects on her apprehensions  about re-entry to life outside prison walls as she approached her release date.

episode 3 – Tanya Wachena supported Ashley Thiessen during the critical first weeks out of prison; getting food stamps, finding a doctor, getting a job…  She shares her experience.

episode 4 – Ashley Thiessen reflects on navigating family life after prison.