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Animals That Help Us Navigate And Heal

courtesy of Niall Kennedy

April 30, 2015 - 11:16 am

Animals, as pets can bring an invaluable benefit to our lives. And for some, animals can be a lifeline. This week we look at the back story on guide dogs as a source of navigation and safety for thousands of people with visual impairments across the country. We also feature how horses can help in psychotherapy.

Episode 1 – 3:   Randy Tedrow is a local dog handler who lost his sight to diabetes.  He speaks about his experience with finding and working with a number of guide dogs through Guide Dogs For The Blind.

Episode 4:  Attorney, Stephanie Ko is a volunteer Puppy Co-raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She describes what goes into raising and training a guide dog puppy.

Episode 5:  At Raven Rock Ranch, six horses assist in psychotherapy.  Raven Rock’s Co-founder, Sandy Matts and Karyn Schneider, whose daughter benefited from Matt’s horse, share their experiences with equine therapy.  This is a segment of a full length discussion on equine therapy that originally aired in March, 2014.


Producers: Yuko Kodama and Ruth Bly

Music: Rushus – Magic of Fog

Photo : Niall Kennedy