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Survey says…

May 30, 2015 - 9:25 am

In April, we offered listeners the opportunity to have their voices heard in an online survey.  Over 500 people responded.

Why did we ask?
We assemble audience research from a variety of sources including Nielsen, data from public radio partners, fund drives, and listener surveys. The more we know, the better we can be at meeting our mission and serving our audience.

Tuned in
Survey respondents say they tune into KBCS during common radio listening times (drive times, middays, and mid mornings).  Additionally, our Sunday evening Grateful Dead programs were frequently cited. This more or less correlates with what the Nielsen folks tell us.

Survey respondents tend to listen to a variety of programs.

47% of Uncle Meghabhuti & Funkscribe listeners also tune into The Thom Hartmann Program.

The same but different
In terms of education and income, KBCS survey respondents seem quite similar to public radio listeners nationwide, with one exception: KBCS listeners seem much more likely to earn a Master’s degree.

52% of  ¡Sabor! listeners practice yoga.

KBCS listeners seem really active. The majority of survey respondents say they attend all kinds of concerts. A very high percentage of you like to bake, read, dine out, visit museums, see films, and garden. Walking, backpacking/hiking, road biking, yoga and weight lifting seem to be your most popular physical activities.

73% of Reggae Party listeners say they will take a trip to Portland this year.

Music, ideas, community
In terms of how respondents feel about KBCS, most cite the music as something they appreciate. Nearly as many say that they find the information they get from KBCS useful. The sense of community among KBCS listeners seems likewise strong.

We received hundreds of great comments. Here are a few:

  • “Where else can you hear Hawaiian, Grateful Dead and Brazilian music on the same station?”
  • “This is my 7 day a week radio station, listening live close to 40 hours a week, nearly 6 hours each day, and while I am a rabid progressive, I would like more music during the daytime.”
  • “Please, please, please… Move Tom Hartmann to 9 a.m. – Noon, so we can hear him live and call in during the show.”
  • “I now live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I appreciate that I can go to the live stream/playlist.”
  • “I came to KBCS to follow Tom Hartman after Lefty Radio (AM 1070, I think) went off the air. Now I listen to more programs. I like the wide variety of music types. Ever since 103.7 (the Mountain) left, I have been looking for a place to hear new music.”
  • “I love this station as a musician, teacher, music teacher, progressive, and person. Big ups to City Soul for showing me new music to dance to on Friday nights, Bluegrass Ramble for playing and promoting the music I play as a performer, and all the diverse hosts who bring and broadcast everything they love.”
  • “I recently moved to Lake Forest Park from Southern California, not know much about the area or its local radio stations. When I found KBCS on my car radio, I loved it immediately! I’m an everyday, all day listener, from my commute to/from work, and while at work.”
  • “I was an enthusiastic supporter of KBCS until I was deprived of being able to hear music in the afternoon.”
  •  “I appreciate the diverse programming and programmers. The fact that you have college age folks venturing out on maiden voyages into journalism as well as retirees adds a lot. The effect is both a sense of legitimate connection to the actual community, but also to a different slice of the community (a broader, more sensitive one) than one usually get to experience. KBCS is a beautiful thing.”
  • “KBCS is not as bad as the other local public radio stations about continual fundraising, but you are moving in that direction. I would be happy to have a subscription service where I could avoid adds as I do with Spotify and Pandora.”
  • “I was initially skeptical of some of the program changes but have to say that I believe you’ve all successfully raised the quality of programing a notch or two.”

Thank you!
KBCS strives to continually improve. We take your suggestions to heart and accept kudos gratefully. By responding to this survey listeners help to shape our future.