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Fall Fund Drive

The on-air portion of our fall fund drive has ended, but there's still time to help KBCS reach it's overall goal by month's end. Please give now, and thank you to everyone who has already donated and our many sustaining donors!

$150,000 Goal


Drive ends: September 30, 2023

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The Marijuana Industry in Washington State

Courtesy: Tomas de Aquino

November 3, 2015 - 11:57 am

Legalization has brought a new face to the marijuana industry. This series explores the emerging marijuana industry with insiders and outsiders. You’ll hear from growers, dispensary owners and communities of color impacted by the legalization of marijuana.

Episode 1  – Ryan Kunkel, Founder of Have a Heart Compasssion Care is the largest retailer of marijuana in Washington State.  He shares his perspective on how new regulations on the marijuana industry have affected medical marijuana patients.

Episode 2  – Ryan Day is the father of a young boy with Dravet syndrome.  He shares his unexpected path toward using medical marijuana to treat his son’s condition.

Episode 3  – Julian Cooper is a Krone’s syndrome patient who relies on medical marijuana to treat his condition.  He explains the impact of marijuana legalization on communities of color.

Episode 4 – Ryan Kunkel, Founder of Have a Heart Compassion Care and Leo Gontmakher, CEO and  President of Northwest Cannabis Solutions, the largest grower of marijuana in Washington state give you some backstory on the business of growing and selling cannabis in our state.

Episode 5 – You’ll take a tour of Northwest Cannabis Solutions –  the largest marijuana grower in our state.   Jerry Derevyany, their legal counsel  leads the way.

Music: Rushus “5-29”

Producer: Yuko Kodama