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The Backbone Campaign: So You Want To Be An Activist?

November 7, 2017 - 12:01 am

The Backbone Campaign helps organize social demonstrations and trains global change agents in artful protest, organizing and kayaktivism.

Listen to a series of segments from KBCS Reporter, David Joseph’s visit to the Backbone Campaign’s activist training camp.

Part 1 – We speak with Shilo Britt, a Bellingham participant in the Backbone Campaign who attended a local training camp in August

Part 2 – Bill Moyer, Backbone Campaign Executive Director, describes how to prepare for a large protest flotilla

Part 3 – Ariana Eaglespeaker-Gilmore, Seattle public school district student, shares what happened when she requested curriculum on climate change, last year during her 6th grade social studies class

Part 4 – Bill Moyer describes the strategy of Kayak activism and the goal of being an activist

Producer David Joseph and Ruth Bly

Photo courtesy of the Backbone Campaign

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