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Human Trafficking

February 7, 2018 - 11:31 am

When we think of human trafficking, we may think of sex trafficking or something that happens in another country, but anyone who is forced to do any kind of work against their will falls in the human trafficking category. Human trafficking happens right here in our Northwest neighborhoods. Hao Nguyen, Human Trafficking Case Worker at API Chaya, sees these Northwest cases on a regular basis. This five-part series sheds light on the issue.

Part 1 – Hao shares how many people from foreign countries get sucked into human trafficking

Part 2 – We hear more from Hao about how people are often re-trafficked after they seek help

Part 3 – Hao shares how one woman from Thailand was deceived by human traffickers and why it is was difficult for her to escape

Part 4 – Hao shares how another woman, deceived into a life of domestic servitude by a married couple (who happened to be doctors), was able to get help

Part 5 – We end the discussion as Hao describes how one employee was held captive in a restaurant

Producer Yuko Kodama