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Black Farmers Collective

May 13, 2021 - 1:23 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20210513 The Black Farmers Collective The Black Farmers Collective  is a group of Black led food system activists  creating opportunities to improve the health of  communities through all aspects of food. The group is committed to teaching about food sovereignty for the Black Indigenous and People of Color communities, through growing,

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One Mother’s Experience with Bipolar Disorder

May 7, 2021 - 6:30 am

Annie, a mother of five, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when her daughter was in preschool. She shares her personal story of living with with this mental illness.

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Rape by an Intimate Partner

April 29, 2021 - 11:23 am

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20210428 Sexual Assault – Intimate Partner Rape April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.    According to National Sexual Violence Resource Center, it is estimated that 734,630 people were threatened with or actually raped in the United States in 2018.  The study also stated that nearly 1 in 5 women (18.3%) and

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Worker’s Memorial Day

April 28, 2021 - 2:02 pm

 91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 2021030428 Workers Memorial Day April 28th is Worker’s Memorial Day.  This date also marks the 50th year anniversary of the enactment of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Dina Lorraine, Spokesperson  for the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries speaks about some of the trends she’s observed in

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Seattle Street Responses to the Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict

April 21, 2021 - 11:23 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 2021030421 Street Interviews Day After Chauvin Trial Verdict On April 21st, 2021, Former Minneapolis law enforcement officer, Derek Chauvin. was charged guilty on all counts for the murder of George Floyd, a black father.  KBCS reporter, Gol Holghooghi took to the streets of Seattle’s Central District and Capitol Hill neighborhood to

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KBCS General Manager Message – April 2021

Dana Buckingham

April 20, 2021 - 1:28 pm

With the arrival of much warmer weather this past week, many of us are anxiously looking forward to spending as much time as we can outdoors; either in or on the water, or perhaps hiking and camping under the stars in the beautiful Northern Cascades. I am not sure why, but somehow this spring seems

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Sustainability Campaign Update – 3rd Quarter

April 19, 2021 - 12:04 pm

On June 30, 2020, Bellevue College notified KBCS that the college would no longer supplement the station’s budget (read the original notice). In the past, KBCS depended on this supplemental funding from Bellevue College for around $150,000 annually, in order to have a balanced budget. The loss of supplemental funding means that KBCS needs to

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Montgomery Bus Boycott

women with umbrellas crossing street

March 31, 2021 - 9:08 am

65 years ago, the Montgomery Bus Boycott was in full swing. It was the women of Montgomery who organized the boycott and the court trial of four Montgomery women forced, on separate occasions, to give up their bus seat to a white passenger.  This movement ended segregation on buses.

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Vigil for Atlanta Shooting Victims

March 24, 2021 - 12:29 am

A group gathered for a vigil in Seattle’s Chinatown International District to honor the lives of eight people killed in the Atlanta shooting on March 16th.  Listen to collected sounds and interviews with people there.

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Omari Salisbury of Converge Media Reflects on a Year of Covering our Community

March 19, 2021 - 1:30 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 202103019 Omari Salisbury Of Converge Media Reflects On 1 Yr Of Morning Update Show March 19th is the one-year anniversary of Converge Media’s Morning Update Show.  The program started as an informational service for Seattle’s Black community during the Coronavirus outbreak.  After the killing of George Floyd,  thousands in this region

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