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KBCS Year-End Campaign

Keep Independent music and ideas going strong in 2019. Make a year-end donation today.

$120,000 Goal


Drive ends: January 1, 2019

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Radio Adventure Society

KBCS Radio Adventure Logo“I’m so thankful KBCS is here. The programming is so rich and varied, the great music and the news as well. I hear so many things on KBCS that I don’t hear on any other station.”

– Bill Frisell, Seattle musician


Invest in the future of local community radio. On KBCS you hear a remarkable range of highly crafted music and passionately produced news and public affairs. You know this, because you’re here. You also know that without listener support, KBCS wouldn’t exist.

The KBCS Radio Adventure Society is a new way to sustain the station beyond standard membership. Your annual gift to The KBCS Radio Adventure Society ensures that our programming will be available and accessible to all.

As a member of The KBCS Radio Adventure Society, you’ll be a significant force in helping KBCS accomplish its mission; participatory radio and strengthening our communities through quality programming that’s off the beaten path.

Become a charter member of the Radio Adventure Society with a one-time gift of $1,000 or more or by making a pledge of $1,000 or more for the year, which can be paid in monthly donations. To set up a monthly donation, contact Member Services at 425-564-6162. Gifts can be made in cash or by donating stock, which may have tax advantages.
Join the KBCS Radio Adventure Society by making a $1,000 or more donation today!