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Taking the Racism Out of Teaching English Writing


KBCS highlights a progressive approach to teaching college writing classes. A method of teaching college level writing titled Anti-racist Writing Assessment Ecology was adopted by 62 faculty at 30 out of the 34 Washington community college and technical colleges (at the time we were working on this story).  The methodology is meant to address and minimize what some educators are considering a culturally colonized education environment.

Dr. Asao Inoue is a Professor of Rhetoric and Composition in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. He developed the Anti-racist Writing Assessment Ecology and wrote the book, Writing Assessment, Social Justice, and The Advancement of Opportunity. Dr. Inoue talked about the approach and what inspired him to create it.


Racial Bias in Healthcare


Racial Bias in healthcare has negatively impacted communities of color since the beginning of U.S. history.   Black communities and medical professionals are  pushing for reform and cultural change in the healthcare system as we face this world-wide COVID19 pandemic.


Why is it hard for white people to talk about racism?

We do not live in a color blind society. Racism is a very real issue. So why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism? Dr. Robin DiAngelo asks and provides answers to this question. She is a consultant and trainer on issues of racial and social justice. Robin received her PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. Her area of research is in Whiteness Studies and Critical Discourse Analysis, explicating how Whiteness is reproduced in everyday discourse. She’s currently the Director of Equity for Senior Services, Seattle/King County. Dr. DiAngelo came up with the term white fragility, which she explains is a function of white privilege.

Dr. Robin DiAngelo will hold a workshop on Saturday, January 16 from 9 am – 1 pm at East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue.


The recent viral photo of Ieshia Evans standing in peaceful protest as she is arrested by police in riot gear is reminiscent of photos from the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. The struggle for equality and respect continues in this era with the Black Lives Matter Movement. The Seattle Art Museum is hosting an exhibit called Go Tell It: Civil Rights Photography on display now until January 2018. The exhibit features work from several artists including multi-platform artist, Shikeith. Sonya Green spoke with Shikeith in May about his video project, #BlackMenDream.

Transracial Adoption

On Music+Ideas this week we explore some of the complexity and challenges of adoption across ethnic lines. This series was produced for KBCS by Yuko Kodama.

Day 1 – When children are one race and their parents are another, racial literacy is important. Transracial adoptions are intended for good but sometimes the adoptee experiences a different outcome. Nari Baker and Christina Seong speak of the racial challenges and obstacles they’ve faced as transracial adoptees.

Day 2 – Approximately 200,000 Korean children have been adopted to families in North America, Europe and Scandinavia since the Korean war.  Out of a need for community among them, they’ve advocated for resources to connect with each other and with Korea. Nari Baker and Christina Seong take you through some of the resources that have helped this global community.

Day 3 – For many adoptees, the wish to connect with where you come from is a deeply personal and emotional topic.  For adoptees from another country, the issues can become more complex.  Korean Adoptees, Nari Baker and Christina Seong share their experiences in grappling with this.

Day 4 – Two transracial adoptees tell two very different stories of heartbreak and loss on a journey to find their birth mother. Adoptee, Nari Baker makes two trips to Korea to connect with her biological mom. While adoptee, Christina Seong struggles with losing the mom who raised her and meeting the woman who gave her life.

Day 5 – There are many sides to the story of transracial adoption. What is often seen as a positive has negatives you sometimes can’t see. Transracial adoptees, Nari Baker and Christina Seong suggest looking at adoption from a different perspective.

More information about Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington is online at And more information about International Korean Adoptees Associations is online at

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Race and Sports: What did Richard Sherman’s “rant” reveal?

12th man excitement is at an all time high in Seattle! The Seattle Seahawks clinched the NFC Championship and a spot in the Super Bowl in large part because of cornerback Richard Sherman’s game winning play. The play was huge but it’s Sherman’s post-game interview with reporter, Erin Andrews, that made headlines.

KBCS Music + Ideas host, Sonya Green moderates a lively discussion about race and sports with Seattle Times sports writer, Percy Allen, Highline Community College Sociology and Diversity Professor, Dr. Darryl Brice, and Bellevue College Vice President and Chief Diversity officer, Yoshiko Harden