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Summer Fund Drive Progress

Your support keeps your favorite KBCS programs going strong. Please give today, and thank you in advance!

$65,000 Goal


Drive ends: June 17, 2024

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General Manager Update – October 2022

Man in a suit with trees in background Dana Buckingham KBCS GM

October 4, 2022 - 4:13 pm

Dear Friends of KBCS,

Despite the warmer than normal weather and the disheartening lack of rain we are experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest; the cool nights, the changing foliage, and of course, the calendar on the wall still remind us that fall has arrived.

This beautiful time of the year heralds our annual fall fundraising campaign at KBCS. Our fall campaign is traditionally our largest fund drive of the year and this year the need for your financial support of KBCS and our mission is more important than ever. Please take a moment to make your donation for our fall campaign now, and thank you in advance.

My friends, these are very troubling times in the life of our nation. Our sacred tradition of democracy and democratic institutions like community radio KBCS are under sustained attack by hard right extremists looking for the perfect opportunity to advance their authoritarian and racist agenda by preying on the most vulnerable among us.

The painfully slow recovery from the worldwide pandemic shutdown and the lingering disruption of the world’s supply chain, a high demand for consumer goods, increased production costs, and stimulus relief spending, have all led to high inflation which always impacts the poor and middle classes the hardest. This makes it more difficult for many of our friends to contribute at the same level of financial support for KBCS than they have made in the past.

This is a strong reason for those who can, to increase our level of support this fall to keep true progressive community radio KBCS on the air.

Our long tradition at KBCS of providing opportunities for citizens from all walks of life and not just professional broadcasters to have their voice heard on the radio is true democracy in action.

Support KBCS and our nearly fifty-year democratic mission of providing true non-profit educational community radio across the greater Puget Sound region with your generous donation to KBCS today. Your support has never been more critical, or more appreciated. Donate online now at and help us meet our goal for this drive.

Democracy matters, Truth matters and KBCS matters, now more than ever before.

Again, thank you for your support of KBCS and promoting democracy in action on the radio in our beautiful corner of the world.


Dana Lee Buckingham

General Manager KBCS and Proud Sustaining Contributor to Community Radio KBCS