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2022 Year-End Message from our General Manager

Dana Buckingham

December 7, 2022 - 10:26 am

Dear Friends and Supporters of KBCS, As this year comes to close, I want to thank everyone who listens to KBCS for your enduring support for true community radio across the greater Puget Sound. For nearly fifty years now, listener supporters like you have always been there for us during the good times and those

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Stand-up Comedian and Writer, Julie Kim

Julie Kim Julie Kim

November 28, 2022 - 9:44 am

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221128 Stand Up Comedian And Writer – Julie Kim   Julie Kim is a Canadian Stand-up Comedian and writer for TV and film. She has toured with Canadian Comedian, Ronny Chieng and has written for TV programs such as  CBC’s (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Kim’s Convenience and for actor Simu Liu as

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Teaching Lushootseed to Toddlers

November 18, 2022 - 9:57 am

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221118 Jazmyne Diaz Lushootseed Class For Toddlers Lushootseed  is the language spoken by Coast Salish tribes in the greater Seattle area and north to Skagit River Valley near Bellingham and Whidbey Island, and south to Olympia and Shelton. In 1819, Congress passed the Civilization Fund Act to assimilate indigenous youth to

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Bellevue College Global Leaders Music Picks

November 17, 2022 - 2:26 pm

Du Dinh  Hi guys, my name is Du Dinh. I’m currently one of the Global Leaders at Bellevue College. This is my second year here and my major is computer science. I love playing sports, video games, listening to music and throwing Pokemon games on YouTube. Today I would like to share one of my

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Women’s Voices from the Holocaust

Laura Ferri Laura Ferri

November 16, 2022 - 11:48 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221117 The Ruins Of Memory Women’s Voices Of The Holocaust The performance, The Ruins of Memory: Women’s Voices of the Holocaust highlights the experiences of Jewish women throughout the European continent who navigated their way through a horrific time in the 20th century. It’s performed by Talea of the Alchemysts Theatre

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Incorporating Lushootseed Language Into Life

Michelle Myles Michelle Myles

November 13, 2022 - 10:43 pm

Michelle Myles is Snohomish from Tulalip, and is a Lushootseed Language Teacher at Tulalip Heritage High School in Tulalip, WA through the Tulalip Lushootseed Program. Myles describes how she talks with students about incorporating Lushootseed (a language spoken by a number of Coast Salish tribes in this region) into life today.

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Reawakening Lushootseed Language: Language Warriors

November 6, 2022 - 10:02 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221104 Lois Landgrebe Lushootseed Language Warriors Lushootseed  is the language spoken by Coast Salish tribes in the greater Seattle region. In 1819, Congress passed the Civilization Fund Act to assimilate indigenous youth to western culture.  The policy authorized forcible separation of indigenous children from their families to be sent to boarding

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Christian Rhetoric in Politics: Dr. Obery Hendricks

November 4, 2022 - 2:02 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221104 Dr. Hendricks   A New York Times article from April titled “The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right” is about the increase in Christian prayer, music and rituals incorporated into right-wing conservative rallies.  The challengers of laws to protect abortion and LGBTQ communities often put forth particular beliefs they

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Expulsion of Tacoma’s Chinese Residents in 1885

October 31, 2022 - 10:16 am

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221031 Chinese Reconciliation And Walk Against Racism On Saturday, Hundreds of people walked from Tacoma’s Tollefson Plaza to the Chinese Reconciliation Park for the annual Walk for Reconciliation Against Racism. The event was to observe the day about 200 Chinese residents in the Tacoma area were forcibly removed in 1885.  KBCS’s

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KUOW workers picket for higher wages

October 25, 2022 - 3:39 pm

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20221025 KUOW Staff Picket For Higher Wages   Public radio personalities, reporters and producers are putting up a fight for better pay. KBCS’s Yuko Kodama reports from Seattle’s University District.