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Fall Fund Drive

The on-air portion of our fall fund drive has ended, but there's still time to help KBCS reach it's overall goal by month's end. Please give now, and thank you to everyone who has already donated and our many sustaining donors!

$150,000 Goal


Drive ends: September 30, 2023

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All the President’s Men

"White House" by ThatMattWade is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

February 14, 2018 - 11:30 am

Earlier this month brought together leaders and journalists from across the nation to the first ever Crosscut Festival. Executive Editor of Crosscut and KCTS 9 Greg Hanscom, hosted the keynote panel called “All the Presidents Men”. The panel featured former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum, former Barrack Obama speechwriter David Litt and former George W. Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan. This five-part series highlights segments from the panel.

Part 1 – Greg Hanscom and David Frum discuss how working in the white house today compares with when they were worked there

Part 2 – We hear from Scott McClellan and David Litt about Bush and Obama’s “Katrina” moments

Part 3 – David Frum and David Litt discuss the mood of the country that lead to a Trump presidency

Part 4 – David Frum and David Litt talk about how promises of working across the aisle come up often in political candidates’ speeches, but actually following through on promises is easier said than done

White House” by ThatMattWade is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0