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KBCS Flotation Device DJ John Seman Picks Ten Albums from 2019

December 16, 2019 - 10:12 am

John SemanFlotation Device

Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis Constellation 


Bill Orcutt Odds Against Tomorrow Palilalia


Fay Victor Barn Songs Northern Spy


Anthony Braxton GTM (Syntax) 2017 New Braxton House


Tomeka Reid Quartet Old New Cuneiform 


The Flying Luttenbachers Shattered Dimension ugEXPLODE


Dead Neanderthals Ghosts Utech


Kris Davis Diatom Ribbons Pyroclastic


Bloor Drolleries Astral Spirits


William Parker Shapeshifter Live AUM Fidelity 



Taylor Ho Bynum, Phillip Thomas, Brandon Lopez, Become Desert, Paal Nillson-Love, Marker, Arrington de Dionyso, Joshua Abrams, Matt Mitchell, Jessica Pavone, a buncha Zappa…