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Message from the GM – March 2024

Man in a suit with trees in background Dana Buckingham KBCS GM

March 26, 2024 - 1:49 pm

Dear KBCS Listeners and Listener Supporters

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the ability to adapt and embrace change is not just beneficial—it is essential. As we navigate through these dynamic and tumultuous times, it is crucial to recognize that change is not merely a disruption but rather seizing an opportunity for sustained growth and innovation.

Here are a few reasons why embracing change is necessary in the workplace:

  1. Stay Competitive and True to our Mission: Nonprofit, educational radio stations are evolving, driven, in large part, by rapid technological advancements and changing times. College radio stations like KBCS must be willing to adapt to new strategies and best practices made possible by advanced technology to further our educational commitment and stay true to our college’s community outreach mission.
  2. Foster Innovation: Change encourages creativity and innovation. By embracing innovative ideas and novel approaches to broadcasting, we create an environment where innovation can thrive while increasing our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion by building the opportunity for a remote workplace infrastructure with fewer physical barriers to participation.
  3. Enhance Sustainability: Change is inevitable, and radio stations like KBCS that can adapt quickly are better equipped to weather challenges and uncertainties. By fostering a pro-growth and innovative culture that embraces change, we cultivate resilience and agility, enabling us to overcome obstacles and emerge stronger than before.
  4. Cultivate Learning and Development: Embracing change requires continuous learning and development. It encourages our staff, students, and community volunteers to acquire new skills, expand their knowledge base, and embrace lifelong learning. This not only benefits individuals but also strengthens the organization as a whole.
  5. Increase our Operating Efficiencies: Staying abreast of new advances in automation and other time-saving broadcast software and hardware allows us to do more with less while providing a greater work-life balance for our small paid professional staff. Increased efficiencies mean that we can spend more time instructing and training more students and community volunteers. As we embark on the next phase of this critical journey of growth and transformation, our goal is to embrace change as an opportunity to innovate, evolve, and provide a model of greater inclusion. Let us embrace change not as a challenge, but as a catalyst for progress and expanding our educational outreach to our listeners and supporters across the greater Puget Sound and online everywhere.

Remember, technological change is not something to fear—it is something to embrace.

Best regards,

Dana Lee Buckingham
KBCS General Manager and Executive News Producer of World News Radio KBCS HD2
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