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KBCS Summer Fund Drive

The on-air portion of our Summer Fund Drive has come to an end, but there's still time to help KBCS reach its fund drive goal before June 30th! Please make your contribution today and thank you in advance!

$40,000 Goal


Drive ends: June 30, 2022

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Election Coverage 2014

  • Voter Rights – Voter Suppression Series

    November 6, 2014Voter Rights - Voter Suppression Series
    Many Americans tend to take pride in our election system. This KBCS Produced five-part-series reflects on the struggles toward making our voting process more fair. Producer Yuko Kodama interviewed former University of Washington Political Science Professor Luis Ricardo Fraga and University of Washington Political Science and Adjunct Law Professor, Matt Barreto in 2013. You can listen ...
  • State Initiative 1351 – smaller classroom sizes

    November 4, 2014State Initiative 1351 - smaller classroom sizes
    Voters are casting their ballots on whether or not to shrink classroom sizes throughout the state on November 4th. If approved by voters, the measure would require fewer students per classroom in grades K through 12. For kindergarten through third grade, each class would have no more than 15 to 17 students. In grades 4 through ...
  • Washington State Gun Rights Measures Initiative 591

    November 4, 2014Washington State Gun Rights Measures Initiative 591
    The debate over school shootings and gun control laws heats up in the wake of the recent Marysville Pilchuck High School shooting that left two dead and three others injured. The young shooter, Jaylen Fryberg, took his own life. Now Washington voters have a decision to make about gun laws in the state. The Washington Gun ...
  • WA State Initiative 1351 – Class Size Reduction Measure

    October 29, 2014WA State Initiative 1351 - Class Size Reduction Measure
    The Washington Class Size Reduction Measure, Initiative 1351 is one of five issues voters have to consider on the ballot this coming Tuesday.  The measure directs the legislature to allocate funds for smaller K-12 classrooms and hire more teachers and support staff in schools throughout Washington State. If approved, the measure would be phased in over ...
  • Seattle Transportation – Proposition 1

    October 24, 2014Seattle Transportation - Proposition 1
    Seattle voters will take up the issue of transportation funding for the Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1. If approved, this proposition would fund the preservation of transit service on existing routes (primarily serving the Seattle area) proposed to be cut beginning 2015 .  A portion of the funds collected would be to support regional transit ...
  • The Seattle Preschool Vote – Proposition 1A and 1B

    October 24, 2014The Seattle Preschool Vote - Proposition 1A and 1B
    Voters in Seattle are considering two propositions on early learning programs and providers. Proposition 1A establishes a $15 minimum wage for childcare workers, seeks to reduce childcare costs, prohibits violent felons from providing professional childcare and creates a training institute for enhanced training and certification, among other things. Proposition 1B aims to expand a high quality preschool ...