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Fred Wesley and The New JB Horns @ Jazz Alley

Fred Wesley and The New JB Horns @ Jazz Alley

August 24, 2023

Fred Wesley and The New JB Horns have had a remarkable music career deeply rooted in funk and soul. Led by trombonist Fred Wesley, who is renowned for his contributions to the James Brown band, the group has consistently delivered electrifying performances and infectious grooves. Building upon the rich legacy of James Brown's iconic horn section, The New JB Horns have kept the funk alive with their tight arrangements, soulful horn lines, and dynamic stage presence. With a repertoire that encompasses both classic James Brown hits and original compositions, the band has entertained audiences around the world, spreading the spirit of funk and soul. Fred Wesley and The New JB Horns continue to be celebrated as torchbearers of the funk tradition, carrying forward the legacy of James Brown and creating their own vibrant musical identity.

Jazz Alley
2033 6TH Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

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