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Music+Ideas Weekly Series

  • KBCS New Streaming Link and Player

    March 17, 2023KBCS New Streaming Link and Player
    NEW KBCS Streaming Link and Player TUNE IN You can copy this link into media players and ‘radio devices’
  • Bellevue College Global Leaders Music Picks

    November 17, 2022Bellevue College Global Leaders Music Picks
    Du Dinh  Hi guys, my name is Du Dinh. I’m currently one of the Global Leaders at Bellevue College. This is my second year here and my major is computer science. I love playing sports, video games, listening to music and throwing Pokemon games on YouTube. Today I would like to share one of my favorite ...
  • Unmute the Commute: Walking to School

    April 15, 2019Unmute the Commute: Walking to School
    Today on Unmute the Commute, we take a trip to school. Produced by Michelle Waller Martin. Unmute the Commute is supported in part by Just One Trip.  A King County Metro initiative to get you out of your car starting with just one trip.
  • Unmute the Commute: One Bus Away from Love

    April 1, 2019Unmute the Commute: One Bus Away from Love
    A Metro bus can be a lot of things – a way to get to work, a social hub and even a place to find love. On today’s Unmute the Commute, we hear from one rider who is trying to bring passengers together… with mixed success.
  • Unmute the Commute: Super Commuters

    March 25, 2019Unmute the Commute: Super Commuters
    A growing number of people in Western Washington are commuting for more than an hour and a half to work. We follow one of these journeys on today’s Unmute the Commute.
  • Unmute the Commute: I Believe You Can Do More

    February 25, 2019Unmute the Commute: I Believe You Can Do More
    Each week, power lifter Mark Bryant puts down his weights and teaches a senior fitness class.
  • Unmute the Commute: The Water Taxi

    February 4, 2019Unmute the Commute: The Water Taxi
    Since the Alaskan Way Viaduct closed, riders on the West Seattle Water Taxi have more than doubled. King County Metro is hoping that some of those new riders will keep using the water taxi even after the tunnel replacing the viaduct opens. On this week’s Unmute the Commute, we take a trip to Elliott Bay ...
  • Unmute the Commute: A Pedicab Ride

    December 17, 2018Unmute the Commute: A Pedicab Ride
    For the last Unmute the Commute of the season, we take a ride on a pedicab and explore Seattle’s unique history with the three wheeled transport. Produced by Jennie Cecil Moore.
  • Unmute the Commute: Biking in the Rain

    December 10, 2018Unmute the Commute: Biking in the Rain
    Biking in the rain – does anything sound more pleasant than that? On today’s show, we meet an avid cyclist who talks about the challenges and joys of riding a bike in the Northwest.
  • Unmute the Commute: This is Home

    November 26, 2018Unmute the Commute: This is Home
    Often in this series, we feature stories about people in dense urban areas taking buses to work or community events. Outside of Seattle and its suburbs, many people rely on public transit as well. But bus service hasn’t always been reliable in rural areas. Today we take a bus ride in Snoqualmie Valley and look ...
  • Unmute the Commute: A Home for Buttercup

    November 19, 2018Unmute the Commute: A Home for Buttercup
    Washington has a handful of prisons scattered across the state – so if you’re convicted of a crime in Spokane, you may end up incarcerated in Clallam Bay or Shelton. This can mean a long trip for family members or spouses. Produced by Max Wasserman.
  • Unmute the Commute: Bikes, Bread, and Traffic

    November 5, 2018Unmute the Commute: Bikes, Bread, and Traffic
    The period of maximum constraint – that’s the term city planners are using for the next few years in Seattle, when a series of major construction projects will take place to improve transportation in the city’s core. But before these improvements are finished, there is a lot of construction and some nearby business owners are ...
  • Unmute the Commute: The Mad Bus Driver

    October 22, 2018Unmute the Commute: The Mad Bus Driver
    Riding the bus can, at times, be surprising – it can elicit humor, kindness and gratitude among riders. No one knows this better than Anthony Session. During the day, Session drives King County Metro’s route 7 bus. But on stage, where he calls himself the Mad Bus Driver, Session is a stand up comedian, doing ...
  • Unmute the Commute: Ancient Highways

    October 8, 2018Unmute the Commute: Ancient Highways
    We explore our region’s original commutes along the water highways of the Salish Sea and Pacific Coast.
  • Unmute the Commute: The Bus Roadeo

    August 27, 2018Unmute the Commute: The Bus Roadeo
    When you think rodeos, bucking broncos or steer wrestling may come to mind, but what about parallel parking and judgement stops? We follow a competitor in a bus roadeo on Unmute the Commute.
  • Unmute the Commute: The Access Map

    August 6, 2018Unmute the Commute: The Access Map
    Seattle’s steep hills can make traversing the city difficult for those with limited mobility. But, computer scientists at the University of Washington hope to help with a map that routes people through public elevators and lower grade streets. Today’s story: The Access Map. Produced by Casey Martin and Hans Anderson. To test out new versions of ...
  • Multiple Sclerosis

    January 9, 2017Multiple Sclerosis
    12,000 people in Washington state live with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis or MS.  MS is a chronic, unpredictable neurological disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.  It’s an elusive disease with no known cause or cure.  This series highlights living with, treating, and caring for those with MS. Episode 1 – Swedish Hospital Neurologist ...
  • Perspectives on our region’s Latino community

    September 28, 2016Perspectives on our region's Latino community
    We celebrate our Latino community with the following series. Episode 1 & 2: Interview with Activist and Co-founder of El Centro de la Raza, Estela Ortega speaks about the local power of our Latino community Episode 3: Ese Teatro’s Founding Member and Artistic Director, Rose Cano speaks about what inspires her work in producing bilingual plays. Episode 4 & ...
  • Eastside Homelessness

    January 28, 2016Eastside Homelessness
    Homelessness is probably not the first image that comes  to mind when you think about the vigorous economy of the Eastside.  We highlight voices from the largely unseen homeless population of Bellevue and Kirkland. Episode 1 – Congregations for the Homeless Bellevue Executive Director, David Johns Bowling Episode 2 & 3 – Lake Washington United Methodist Church ...
  • The Marijuana Industry in Washington State

    November 3, 2015The Marijuana Industry in Washington State
    Legalization has brought a new face to the marijuana industry. This series explores the emerging marijuana industry with insiders and outsiders. You’ll hear from growers, dispensary owners and communities of color impacted by the legalization of marijuana. Episode 1  – Ryan Kunkel, Founder of Have a Heart Compasssion Care is the largest retailer of marijuana in ...
  • Women at Work – Anne Marie Slaughter

    October 19, 2015Women at Work - Anne Marie Slaughter
    Anne Marie Slaughter is the author of a recent book,Why Women Can’t Have it All in the magazine The Atlantic Monthly,/i>. Slaughter has been Director of Policy Planning for the US Dept. of State and Professor at Princeton University’s Public and International Affairs School and at Harvard Law School. She spoke at Seattle’s Town Hall.
  • Nature Deficit Disorder

    October 9, 2015Nature Deficit Disorder
    It’s no surprise that the natural environment affects our nervous system and bodies in positive ways, yet kids today spend more than seven hours a day in front of entertainment media and an average of a half an hour outside. We highlight the power and benefits of nature on us this week. Episode 1: Hilarie Cash ...
  • Eastside Schools

    October 7, 2015Eastside Schools
    Tens of thousands of students of kids go back to school this fall in the tech corridor of the east side. We highlight Issaquah, Bellevue and Riverview school districts activities and programs. Episode 1 & 2: Issaquah School District Superintendent, Ron Thiele shares his struggles in providing the infrastructure for the growing number of students in ...
  • Counter Couture: Fashion from the 1960’s and 1970’s

    October 7, 2015Counter Couture: Fashion from the 1960's and 1970's
    Between the civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests and sheer numbers of teenage baby boomers, the US saw a true revolution in politics, style and fashion between the mid 60s and 70’s. This week, we highlight counter culture fashion with University of Washington instructor and guest curator of the Bellevue Arts Museum’s current exhibit, Counter ...
  • Today’s Native Activism

    September 1, 2015Today's Native Activism
    Our region’s Native community is vibrant, and a force to be reckoned with.  From art and education, to  social services and political advocacy, we feature some of the leaders empowering the Native experience. Episode 1 – Last October, local Lakota activist, and Co-founder of the blog, Last Real Indians Matt Remle made a breakthrough in Seattle with the replacement ...
  • Aging – KBCS Weekly Series

    August 12, 2015Aging - KBCS Weekly Series
    According to the 2013 national census, people over 65 made up 14% of our population. And it’s no secret that this population is growing rapidly. This week, KBCS explores ageing. Episodes 1 & 2 – Seattle centenarian, and retired law educator, Isidore Starr shares how he navigates aging. Episode 3 –  Adult Care Resources Manager and Companionship ...
  • Seattle and Affordable Housing

    July 30, 2015Seattle and Affordable Housing
    The Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) rolled out earlier this month.  Since then, a lot buzzes around Seattle’s proposed zoning changes, tenant’s rights and interests and access to home ownership. This week’s series looks at some background on the HALA  report and on Seattle’s movement for rent control. Episode 1, 2 & 3 – Jonathan Grant is a ...
  • Seattle’s Fair Trade Music

    July 27, 2015Seattle's Fair Trade Music
    You’ve heard the term fair trade.  It applies to everything from clothing to coffee to chocolate. And to music. Recently in Seattle, local musicians struck a fair trade agreement with some participating music venues and the city to create a set of guidelines for musician pay and equipment standards. Episode 1 – Nate Omdal is a Seattle area ...
  • Transgender Experience

    July 2, 2015Transgender Experience
    Caitlyn Jenner hit the cover of Vanity Fair with flair, inspiring public discussion on her journey in gender transition. KBCS highlights some of our local transgender community’s  day to day challenges in healthcare, public safety, and navigating our streets in this five-part series. Episode 1 -Marlo Mack  is a mother of a transgender daughter and blogger.  ...
  • Local Foods

    June 6, 2015Local Foods
    Over 200 Washington state farmers come into Seattle every week to sell their produce, meat and dairy. According to King County, sales by these farmers exceeded $21 million  last year. We feature highlights on local foods, as our region’s farmers markets slide into full swing. Episode 1 & 2: Brady Ryan is the founder of San ...
  • Bull Riding

    June 5, 2015Bull Riding
    In bull riding, a cowboy is challenged to last 8 seconds on a bucking bull. Professional riders have less than a 50% chance of lasting a full ride. This week, we highlight bull riding through the perspectives of those who live it. Episode 1: Gary Leffew is the 1970 bull riding world champion He’s also a ...
  • Animals That Help Us Navigate And Heal

    April 30, 2015Animals That Help Us Navigate And Heal
    Animals, as pets can bring an invaluable benefit to our lives. And for some, animals can be a lifeline. This week we look at the back story on guide dogs as a source of navigation and safety for thousands of people with visual impairments across the country. We also feature how horses can help in ...
  • Coal & Oil in the Northwest

    April 24, 2015Coal & Oil in the Northwest
    Wednesday, April 20th is Earth Day. This week we get Northwest perspectives on how the coal and oil industry affects us all. Guests include: Meg Matthews,  spokesperson for Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign. Information at Rebecca Ponzio, Oil Campaign Director for the Washington Environmental Council. More info at Jewell James,  Coal Manager of the Lummi Sovereignty and ...
  • The Man Behind ‘Essence’, the Black Women’s Magazine

    April 13, 2015The Man Behind 'Essence', the Black Women's Magazine
    Essence is a well-known monthly African American women’s magazine.  What may not be as well-known is the successful black women’s lifestyle publication was founded by four African American men including Edward Lewis.  Edward Lewis was in our studios to share his perspective and experience in starting up, Essence. Episode 1 – Co-Founder of Essence Magazine,  Edward ...
  • Wild Foods

    April 13, 2015Wild Foods
    Wild foods and food foraging are gaining popularity on restaurant menus and lifestyle pages. This series features perspectives on wild foods, from native food sovereignty and sustainable foraging, to how to eat your weeds. Episode 1 – Muckleshoot tribe traditional food and medicine program manager, Valerie Segrest shares cultural perspective on our relationship with our food ...
  • Chocolate: Where It Comes From

    April 10, 2015Chocolate: Where It Comes From
    The worldwide demand for chocolate is growing.  Industry sales are worth 18 billion in the US, and the world chocolate market is expected to rise to over 98 billion by 2016.  This series features chocolate from the cacao farms to chocolate making in the United States. Episode 1 – Lauren Adler is the owner and Chief ...
  • First Woman Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright

    April 1, 2015First Woman Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright
    Madeleine Albright served as the first female Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001.   She attended the March opening of the Bellevue Arts Museum exhibit of her pins –  accessories she used to sometimes make a political point during her work in  global diplomacy.  She spoke to a forum of Bellevue area high school students ...
  • Perspectives on Parenting

    March 31, 2015Perspectives on Parenting
    Parenting and being a caregiver of a child can bring about the biggest joys and some of the most difficult challenges of our day to day lives. This series offers some perspectives on parenting today. Episode 1 – Local child safety expert Kim Estes  on kids and the media today Episode 2 –  Seattle based child safety ...
  • Child Abuse

    March 18, 2015Child Abuse
    In 2013, the US Department of Health and Human Services reported an estimated four children die every day as a result of child abuse.  Listen to a number of perspectives and personal experiences of child abuse and child sexual assault in this series. The hotline for the Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse is ...
  • Seattle’s Priority Hire Law

    March 13, 2015Seattle's Priority Hire Law
    A Priority Hire Ordinance passed 9:0 by the City of Seattle in January, 2015. This requires any public construction projects of $5 million or more to hire 20% of its workforce from economically distressed communities within Seattle and King County. KBCS Producer, Yuko Kodama interviewed a number of South Seattle residents on how this new ...
  • Seattle’s 1968 Franklin High School Sit-In

    March 5, 2015Seattle's 1968 Franklin High School Sit-In
    Seattle’s Franklin High School made history on March 29th, 1968 as reportedly over 100 students staged a sit-in. It was the first of its kind. And it helped to spark the civil rights movement in Seattle. Episode 1 -Former Franklin High School student involved in the 1968 student sit-in, Charles Oliver recounts his experience of what ...
  • Eating Disorders

    February 26, 2015Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric illness, including suicide.  We feature a series on the many faces of eating disorders in our communities. Episode 1 – Dr. Neeru Bakshi of the Eating Recovery Center of Washington describes the varying ranges and types of eating disorders. Episode 2 –  South Sound teen, Kylie Charney ...
  • Perspectives on Death

    February 24, 2015Perspectives on Death
    Death, a natural event we all face, is usually sidestepped as a topic of conversation. Here are some of our local segments on death.  The first two episodes are on a novel about death.  The second two episodes are on how we plan for death and on advanced directives. Episode 1:  Author, Jason Mott penned the ...
  • Black Prison Organizing During the Civil Rights Era

    February 16, 2015Black Prison Organizing During the Civil Rights Era
    Black activism and prison organizing go hand in hand according to University of Washington, Bothell, Professor Dan Berger’s book, Captive Nation: Black Prison Organizing in the Civil Rights Era. In the book, Berger explores how prisoners used jail to shine the light on racial oppression and what it means to be free.  KBCS News Director, ...
  • The IF Project Volunteer Mentor Program

    January 28, 2015The IF Project Volunteer Mentor Program
    About 7200 prisoners are released from Washington state prisons each year. Of those released, 30% end up back behind bars. The IF Project provides a mentorship program started by Seattle detectives in 2008.  The program provides a volunteer mentor to support and assist incarcerated individuals when they’re released from prison. KBCS Producer, Yuko Kodama interviewed Ashley ...
  • History & Politics of Women’s Fashion

    December 15, 2014History & Politics of Women's Fashion
    March is women’s history month. KBCS producer Yuko Kodama spoke with actress and historian, Tames Alan about the intersection of women’s fashion and politics in 19th Century. – See more at:
  • Art for Social Change

    December 4, 2014Art for Social Change
    Some people in our community say that art not only helps promote social relationship and awareness, but encourages social change.  Listen to segments of interviews with artists, art educators  and art students about how art is a conversation. Episode 1:  University of Washington Tacoma, Professor of Interdisciplinary studies, Beverly Naidus talks about her experience in creating ...
  • Bruce Lee in Seattle

    November 18, 2014Bruce Lee in Seattle
    You may know Bruce Lee as a martial artist legend and action movie hero. The city of Seattle is where much of his story begins. Bruce Lee spent his youth in Hong Kong and moved to Seattle at the age of eighteen. Ruby Chow, a family friend, and future King County Councilmember, gave him a place ...
  • Voter Rights – Voter Suppression Series

    November 6, 2014Voter Rights - Voter Suppression Series
    Many Americans tend to take pride in our election system. This KBCS Produced five-part-series reflects on the struggles toward making our voting process more fair. Producer Yuko Kodama interviewed former University of Washington Political Science Professor Luis Ricardo Fraga and University of Washington Political Science and Adjunct Law Professor, Matt Barreto in 2013. You can listen ...
  • Addiction and Recovery

    September 19, 2014Addiction and Recovery
    September is National Recovery Month and this week we talk with a number of experts about the different faces of addiction and recovery. This week: Episodes 1 & 2 – Bellevue College, Alcohol Drug Counseling Program Director, Paul Weatherly talks about Marijuana with KBCS News & Public Affairs Director, Sonya Green Episodes 3 & 4 – Bellevue psychotherapist, ...
  • Sickle Cell Awareness

    September 17, 2014Sickle Cell Awareness
    Sickle cell disease is a disorder in which the body makes sickle-shaped red blood cells that cannot move easily through blood vessels. Sickle cell anemia is the most common form of sickle cell disease. It mainly affects people of African, Asian and Mediterranean descent. KBCS News Director, Sonya Green discuss sickle cell disease, treatment and ...
  • New Perspectives on Immigration in the US

    September 4, 2014New Perspectives on Immigration in the US
    Last year, the United States deported nearly 370,000 people. That’s nine times the number 20 years ago.  Meanwhile, a recent study on trends in Mexico released by the Pew Research Center finds that 34% of its pool said they would like to migrate to the US.  Over 70% said top concerns were with crime, corruption ...
  • Women’s Equality Day

    August 29, 2014Women's Equality Day
    ENCORE BROADCAST – Women’s Equality Day is August 26th. It marks the day in 1920 when women were officially given the right to vote as part of the US constitution. This week, we revisit our conversations with local women about feminism. Episode 1 & 2 – University of Washington graduate,  Hamdi Mohammed speaks with KBCS Producer, ...
  • Disability Awareness

    August 4, 2014Disability Awareness
    On July 26, 1990, the American with Disabilities Act was signed giving people with disabilities full civil rights. To mark the historic date our week’s series features voices of disability advocates and educators from the Bellevue College Disability Resource Center. KBCS News & Public Affairs Director Sonya Green interviewed Bellevue College Disability Resource Center Director, ...
  • African American Music Appreciation Month

    June 26, 2014African American Music Appreciation Month
    June is African American Music Appreciation Month. We feature KBCS in-studio interviews from Music + Ideas host, Sonya Green and the Caravan host, John Gilbreath with remarkable new and seasoned musicians. You’ll hear segments of KBCS interviews with Ethiopian, San Francisco based music artist Meklit Hadero, R&B Band, Mint Condition, Kenyan American artist, Naomi Wachira, ...
  • Transracial Adoption

    February 28, 2014Transracial Adoption
    On Music+Ideas this week we explore some of the complexity and challenges of adoption across ethnic lines. This series was produced for KBCS by Yuko Kodama. Day 1 – When children are one race and their parents are another, racial literacy is important. Transracial adoptions are intended for good but sometimes the adoptee experiences a different outcome. Nari ...
  • Living with Mental Illness Series

    January 27, 2014Living with Mental Illness Series
    According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in four Americans over 18 suffer from a psychological disorder.  We celebrate Mental Wellness month this January, by honoring the voices of those working through mental illness. Speakers: part 1) Natasha Moore, member of Board of Directors of Auburn Youth Services part 2) Cynthia Etheridge & June Turner part 3) ...
  • Disability Awareness

    December 11, 2013Disability Awareness
    It’s Disability Awareness Month and we host a discussion on what some are doing to increase awareness of what people with disabilities have to offer our communities.  We take time to reflect on the history of the disability justice movement and consider the experience of people with disabilities and their families in incorporating this population ...
  • Domestic Violence Survivors – “Thrivers” Share Their Stories

    October 14, 2013Domestic Violence Survivors - "Thrivers" Share Their Stories
    Three inspiring and courageous women recently visited our studios to share their personal stories of survival.  Each of them offered insight into the darkness of intimate partner violence. We want to thank the Thrivers Action Group, a local non-profit committed to educating our community and raising public awareness about domestic violence, for making this series possible and ...
  • The Bushwick Book Club Seattle

    August 13, 2013The Bushwick Book Club Seattle
    The Bushwick Book Club Seattle is a group of musicians who write original music inspired by the books they read.  This summer the King County Library System teamed up with the Bushwick Book Club for the KCLS, “A Place at the Table” program series. The club read Michael Pollan’s books, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural ...
  • Aaina Festival – Stories of South Asian Women

    May 9, 2013Aaina Festival - Stories of South Asian Women
    Yoni Ki Baat is a growing collection of stories told by South Asian women inspired by Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. In the South Asian community it is often taboo to discuss topics of sexuality and sexual abuse. But South Asian arts organization, Tasveer, hopes this weekend’s Aaina Festival will change that. The festival provides a space to ...