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Exploring the journey of music across the globe with Matt Fish.  New program on Thursdays at 7pm with a rebroadcast on the next Wednesday at 11pm

Freedom Sounds

Vintage tropical records, funk breaks, soul classics, jazz and
resistance music from around the world.

Freedom Sounds is an exploration in uplifting music from around the world, beginning in
a golden era of global musical awakening, the late 1960s into the early 1970s. With
Reggae, Soul and Jazz as the foundation, these musical trips include Samba, Highlife,
Disco, Rumba, Cumbia, Funk breaks, Salsa and R&B classics. Songs connect through
seamless transitions and thematic connections. Selections are carefully curated to
emphasize themes of Love, Unity, Resilience, and Collaboration. I champion artists of
color and celebrate the cultures from which these styles of music and recordings are

 Hosted by DJ MIKEY Oh!


Freedom Sounds

Freedom Sounds with DJ MIKEY Oh


Music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans with hosts Dominic & Vince Jovanovich


A weekly tour of contemporary and traditional Latin music from all parts of the globe.

Sunday’s Hornpipe

A show dedicated to Celtic music. You’ll hear traditional music and modern interpretations from Ireland and Scotland, as well as the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia. The Celtic diaspora has spread around the world, and you’ll also hear Celtic sounds from countries where Celtic culture has settled. You may also expect to hear tunes blending Celtic music with other genres, as only the best exponents of Celtic music know how. We hope that the music brings joy to your heart. Requests are always welcome. Join your host, John Gibaut, on Sundays from 3 to 6pm

The Reggae Party

Exploring the borders of reggae and territory in between, including roots, dance hall, dub, rocksteady, and ska.

Hawai`i Radio Connection

From the Islands of Aloha to Wakinekona, Hawai`i Radio Connection features two hours of the unique sounds that evoke a tropical island paradise for your ears.

From classic chants and traditional hula tunes, to sweet slack-key guitar, ukulele wizardry, hapa-haole harmonies, and popular Hawaiian hits of the past fifty-plus years of the Fiftieth State, join the mix-plate `ohana of hosts for da kine Saturday plate lunch special, served with aloha.

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