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Ben Brandow

Ben Brandow

Member Services Director / Associate Director of Development


My public radio experience started at a young age as a “back seat” listener, taking in diverse music, voices, and opinions while riding in the car with my parents. I didn’t know it at the time, but that early listening sparked my curiosity for the world around me and eventually my passion for public radio.

My experience in public radio started as a volunteer at KSMU in Springfield, Missouri, answering phones during radio pledge. After college, I held Membership Manager positions at High Plains Public Radio in Garden City, Kansas, and Lakeshore Public Media, serving the Chicago metro.

I joined the KBCS team in September of 2017. I’m eager to not only help provide great public radio in the region, but also become an active part of the community, and welcome your thoughts and insights on creative new ways to make that happen.

In my spare time you might find me out exploring nature or urban life, skateboarding for exercise, or at home playing the guitar.