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KBCS Year-End Campaign

Keep Independent music and ideas going strong in 2019. Make a year-end donation today.

$120,000 Goal


Drive ends: January 1, 2019

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John Gibaut

John was born on the Island of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency in the English Channel. As a youngster he had an interest in British Folk music. This interest gradually focused on Irish Traditional music, then Scottish music, Celtic Music in general, and ultimately the World Music genre. The local folk club on the island was exceptional for a small population and provided many opportunities to hear up and coming folk acts. In 2002 John immigrated to the US and settled in Seattle with his wife, Robin. He soon found 91.3 KBCS on the radio and regularly volunteered during pledge drives. Having completed the stations broadcasting class in 2014 he was honored to be asked to join Sunday’s Hornpipe hosts Kevin and Mary at the beginning of 2016. He hopes you enjoy listening to the show as much as he enjoys putting it together for you!