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David Neiwert: The Rise of and Dangers of White Supremacy

David Neiwert is a local  investigative journalist who has specialized in writing about right wing extremism.   He was a reporter for the Daily Kos.  He has also been an investigator, analyst and reporter for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Neiwert is also author of the book, The Age of Insurrection: The Radical Right’s Assault on American Democracy.    

He’ll be speaking  about the rise and dangers of white supremacy at the Everett Civic Auditorium at 6:30 October 26. The event is sponsored by Unidos, and Communities Against Hate and Violent Extremism (CAHVE). Co-sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, American Civil Liberties Union, Anti-Defamation League of the Pacific Northwest, CAIR Washington, Change The Narrative, Edmonds Unitarian Universalist Church, Faith Action Network, NAACP of Snohomish County, National Organization of Women, Northwest Progressive Institute, Paths To Understanding, Salish Sea Federation of Democratic Women, Snohomish County Indivisible, Snohomish County Pride, WA Partners for Social Change, WSDCC, Separation of Church and State Caucus.

The Power of Narrative in Pursuing Racial Justice

Sonali Kolhatkar is the racial justice editor at Yes! Media and the host of the weekly radio program, Rising Up. (broadcasts on KBCS Fridays at 7 am and Thursdays at 5 am)

Kolhatkar is also the author of a new book, Rising Up: The Power of Narrative in Pursuing Racial Justice The book describes how the media can overlook, minimize, hide and misrepresent narratives of people of color, while perpetuating negative and harmful stereotypes.  Kolhatkar highlights content creators, educators and influencers who are challenging this, and building a more inclusive and affirming media culture.

Sonali Kolhatkar will be speaking with Yes! Media editorial director, Sunnivie Brydum  at a Yes! Media-hosted, Seattle Town Hall event at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, September 6th.

The Wyncote NW Forum
1119 8th Ave (Entrance off Seneca St.)
Seattle, Washington 98101

Producer: Yuko Kodama

Photo Yes! Media and Sonali Kolhatkar