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After much discussion, Congress passed legislation to establish Juneteenth as a national holiday.  President Joe Biden signed the bill on June 17, 2021.

This series features perspectives on Juneteenth.  It covers some details behind the historical event on June 19, 1865.  You’ll also listen to local people speak on what Juneteenth means to them.

  1.  Kwami Abdul- Bey is a Co-convener of the Arkansas Peace and Justice Memorial Movement and a Trustee of the Arkansas Historical Association. He talks about the details of June 19, 1965.  He also addresses how the way we discuss Juneteenth is related to how we talk about the white mob attack on Black Wall Street and the current discussion on critical race theory.
  2. Fred Sims Jr. of Shoreline Organized Against Racism speaks about what Juneteenth means to him.
  3. Artist, Myron Curry has worked on a Juneteenth mural in Shoreline.  Learning Black history has changed his life perspective.
  4. Local resident, Leslie shares her experience learning about Juneteenth in San Jose, CA

Resources for things to do for Juneteenth:

South Seattle Emerald’s list of events

KCLS Juneteenth 2021 Poster

Photo: courtesy of City of Shoreline

Producers: Kevin Henry, Gol Holghooghi, Yuko Kodama

The Griot Party

The Griot Party is an event that encourages community healing for all black and brown people whose lives and lineage have been impacted by the transatlantic slave trade.   Listen to Logic Amen, Griot Party Producer, Artist and Educator, speak to what the Griot has symbolized, and the space that the Griot Party events offer for the healing of black men.


Seattle’s 1968 Franklin High School Sit-In

Seattle’s Franklin High School made history on March 29th, 1968 as reportedly over 100 students staged a sit-in. It was the first of its kind. And it helped to spark the civil rights movement in Seattle.

Episode 1 -Former Franklin High School student involved in the 1968 student sit-in, Charles Oliver recounts his experience of what led up to the Franklin High School sit-in.

Episode 2 – Former Franklin High School student involved in the 1968 student sit-in, Trolice Flavors shares his experience of the event.

Episode 3 – King County Councilmember and former participant of Seattle’s 1968 Franklin High school sit-in, Larry Gossett recounts what led up to the event and the impact that it had.

Episode 4 – Former black student union organizer at Seattle’s Garfield high school, Elmer Dixon talks about his support of forming Seattle’s Franklin High school black student union during the 1968 student sit in.

Episode 5 – Former participants in Seattle’s Franklin High School Sit-In, Trolice Flavors, Elmer Dixon and Charles Oliver, talk about what Black Lives Matter means to them

Music by Kevin MacLeod – “Acidjazz”

Photo  EJ Brisker and Kathy Halley speaking with the press after the Franklin High School Sit-In is courtesy of MOHAI, Seattle P-I Collection