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Transit Access for the DeafBlind Community, Part 1

Daily commuting activities such as crossing the street, boarding a bus, and knowing where to get off – become part of a completely different world for those in the deaf-blind community. Seattle has perhaps one of the largest and most active DeafBlind communities in the country. Producer, Mona Yeh and correspondent, Yuko Kodama spent time learning more about issues around access and mobility for people in this community through the Lighthouse for the Blind Seattle. They spent time with Debra Kahn communicating through two tactile American Sign Language interpreters, who alternated every 15 minutes. Watch the video below and here more of Debra’s story here.

Transit Access for the DeafBlind community from 91.3 KBCS on Vimeo.

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Animals That Help Us Navigate And Heal

Animals, as pets can bring an invaluable benefit to our lives. And for some, animals can be a lifeline. This week we look at the back story on guide dogs as a source of navigation and safety for thousands of people with visual impairments across the country. We also feature how horses can help in psychotherapy.

Episode 1 – 3:   Randy Tedrow is a local dog handler who lost his sight to diabetes.  He speaks about his experience with finding and working with a number of guide dogs through Guide Dogs For The Blind.

Episode 4:  Attorney, Stephanie Ko is a volunteer Puppy Co-raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  She describes what goes into raising and training a guide dog puppy.

Episode 5:  At Raven Rock Ranch, six horses assist in psychotherapy.  Raven Rock’s Co-founder, Sandy Matts and Karyn Schneider, whose daughter benefited from Matt’s horse, share their experiences with equine therapy.  This is a segment of a full length discussion on equine therapy that originally aired in March, 2014.


Producers: Yuko Kodama and Ruth Bly

Music: Rushus – Magic of Fog

Photo : Niall Kennedy