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Guatemala Citizen Action

Title 42 expired just one week ago today.  Biden’s new policy requires most migrants to prove they were denied asylum in a country they passed through en-route to the United States. Since Title 42 ended, the ACLU has sued the Biden administration to attempt to block new restrictions for asylum seekers.    Meanwhile, immigrants and asylum seekers are arriving at the border by the thousands each day. The conditions they flee are not going away. 

Accion Ciudadana is the Guatemalan Chapter of Transparency International, an organization that investigates and challenges governmental corruption.  Accion Ciudadana’s Executive Director Manfredo Marroquin and an investigator for the organization, Cesar Vega were in Seattle earlier this month, hosted by the organization, Global Visionaries. Marroquin and Vega talk about the role of the US in encouraging the current corruption in Guatemala. 

Producer: Yuko Kodama Special thanks to Joaquin Uy for help with the story. 

Photo: Accion Ciudadana