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Domestic Violence in a Time of Social Distancing

The COVID 19 pandemic has required many in our region to spend more time at home with family. But what does this look like for those families impacted by domestic violence? Joanne Alcantara, the Executive Director  of API Chaya offers perspective and resources to keep families safe during this time.


A Series on Gender Based Violence

This series is shared in observance of 16 days of activism, a United Nations campaign which started on November 25th, 2017 on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and ends this weekend, December 10th, 2017, on Human Rights Day.


The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children

This series focuses on the impact of domestic violence on the child.

KBCS’s K.D. Hall speaks with Dr. Tracee Parker, from Coalition Ending Gender Based Violence. Dr. Parker is a domestic violence expert who also formerly ran the Safe Havens Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Program.

Hall also interviewed Shawn Carter, Ingraham High School football coach, who shares his experience of growing up witnessing domestic violence in his household.

This six-part series focuses on how children coping with the trauma of witnessing abuse, deal with the impact as they transition into adulthood.


Domestic Violence Awareness

The first major global review of violence against women was released earlier this month by The World Health Organization. It found that about a third of women worldwide have been physically or sexually assaulted by a former or current partner.

Here in Washington, 755 people have died in domestic violence fatalities since 1997.  Programs say the demand for domestic violence services is increasing, but budgets for them are being cut.

Today, we talk about domestic violence.  How do we identify it?  How can we help our loved ones if they reach out to us, and how do we prevent violence in the home?


Listen to the interview here: KBCS_M+I_20130628_Domestic Violence

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