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The Struggle to Stay in the Central District

Seattle’s Central District was shaped by racist real estate and financial practices, but kept vibrant and loved by its Black residents.  The neighborhood is now a shadow of its former self.  Many of the former residents have been priced out of living there. Houses in this neighborhood are selling for at least a million dollars today, with property taxes shooting up each year.  (more…)

Who Is My Neighbor? – A Bus Ride Through Seattle’s Central District

Ride along on bus 48 through Seattle’s Central District. It’s a historically black community that Carla Saulter and Gabriel Teodros know well. They identify some of the symptoms that mark the gentrification of the neighborhood.

The piece produced by KBCS’s Mona Yeh and Yuko Kodama, is part of Unmute the Commute, our series on stories from our region’s commuters. This project stems from a KBCS partnership with Localore: Finding America, a national production of AIR, the Association of Independents in Radio.  This piece was also featured on All Things Considered.