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Indigenous Milk Medicine Week

Indigenous Milk Medicine Week is August 8th thru 14th this year.  It’s a part of a series of observances celebrating breastfeeding during the month of August.  Camie Goldhammer is a Social Worker, Lactation Consultant and Founder of the Native American Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington.  She shares this year’s theme for Indigenous Milk Medicine Week. 

Environmental Medicine

Dr. David Buscher is a Medical Doctor in Environmental Science; the study of the interactions between the environment and human health.  He describes his experiences working with patients alongside Dr. Theron Randolph, the father of Environmental Medicine.

Producer: Yuko Kodama

Dr. Benjamin Danielson – Medical Services and Community

The prominent pediatrician, Dr. Benjamin Danielson stepped down from his position as Medical Director at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic in the Central District. This was in protest of Children’s Hospital’s racially inequitable management practices, as written by Dr. Danielson in a South Seattle Emerald opinion piece from this week.

Listen to a KBCS 2019 interview with Dr. Danielson as he discusses how a team approach to healthcare involving social services, and many other circles, could better support communities. (more…)