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Griot Party Experience

Griot Party Experience is an evening of authentic and inspiring storytelling to heal the soul.   Long time KBCS contributor, Logic Amen directs this event which features griots such as IamChamel, Monique Franklin, Deaunte Damper, Halisi, Na’eem Shareef, Mecca Amen and many others.  

Griot Party Experience is January 13th, 8 pm at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute (104 17th Ave South, Seattle, Washington 98144)

Listen in on KBCS’s series of interviews with some of the griots from this event (more will be added as they’re produced):

Na’eem Shareef is a former Seattle Chapter, Black Panther Party member. Shareef describes his experiences of serving in the community as a teen Party member.


Halisi, mom of seven children, is a spoken word artist and coach. She describes how she navigates motherhood and her passions.  Halisi also shares tips on self care as a mother working in what she calls ‘the new earth’ 

Local music artist and rapper, IamChamel reflects on the journey into freestyling, and how rhyming has the power to build and heal and also to hurt within the community.  

Mecca Amen describes what it was like for him when his relationship with his father transformed from one of battling authority, to one of respect.

Joy Sparks is the founder of Hella Black Books aka the Black Book Fairy.  Sparks speaks with Griot Party Experience Director and KBCS Producer, Logic Amen about her background and why she started her business of selling Black centered books.


Producers: Yuko Kodama, Logic Amen and Widder Sessions

Photos: Logic Amen

Beats: Logic Amen

Curating the Audience – Monique Franklin

Monique Franklin is the Founder of Inspired Child,  an organization that uses black art forms to encourage self awareness and empowerment and to strengthen the local Black community.  She explains why it’s important to her to ‘not only curate the artwork, but the audience’.

Producer: Yuko Kodama (special thanks to Logic Amen for help with the story)

Photo: from Monique Franklin