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Interfaith Environmental Advocacy

Reverend AC Churchill is the Executive Director at Earth Ministry Washington Interfaith Power and Light. The Ministry helps religious communities advocate for strong environmental policies and provides strategic guidance to religious communities working toward environmental justice.

Churchill talks about how they came into the world of interfaith environmental advocacy and lessons they’ve learned through their work.

Producers: Lucy Braginski and Yuko Kodama

Photo: AC Churchill

Counter Couture: Fashion from the 1960’s and 1970’s

Between the civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests and sheer numbers of teenage baby boomers, the US saw a true revolution in politics, style and fashion between the mid 60s and 70’s. This week, we highlight counter culture fashion with University of Washington instructor and guest curator of the Bellevue Arts Museum’s current exhibit, Counter Couture, Michael Cepress.  The exhibit running through January 10th, 2016



The Love Family, 1970s
Photo: Courtesy of Love and Honesty Isreal


John Sebastian at Anaheim Stadium
Photo: Jerry de Wilde


Scrumbly Koldewyn – Doily Outfit, 1972
Photo: Jerry Wainwright. As pictured in Native Funk and Flash (Scrimshaw Press, 1974)


Kaisik Wong – Red Ray and Orange Ray, 1974
Photo: Courtesy of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco



Welfare (Winner: Levi’s Denim Art Contest), 1974
Photo: Sam Haskins © All Rights. The Sam Haskins Estate 2015.


Mary Ann Schildknecht – Embroidered Top and Skirt
Photo: Jerry Wainwright As pictured in Native Funk and Flash (Scrimshaw Press, 1974)


100% Birgitta (Bjerke)  Ibiza, 1969  Photo: Karl Ferris

100% Birgitta (Bjerke)
Ibiza, 1969
Photo: Karl Ferris

Producer: Yuko Kodama

Photo: Karl Ferris of fashion by 100% Birgitta

Music: Aja West and the Mackrosoft “gynacamastia”