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Summer Fund Drive Progress

The on-air portion of our fund drive is over, but you can still help KBCS reach its goal by donating before June 30th. Please make a gift in support of your favorite KBCS programs today, and thank you in advance!

$65,000 Goal


Drive ends: June 30, 2024

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Navigating Syria and the United States

On January 27th this year, The President issued an executive order that banned travel to the United States for a period of 3 months. The predominantly Muslim countries impacted included Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. Travel from Syria was banned completely with this order. On February 3rd, the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a previously issued stay by US District Court Judge, James Robart of Seattle.

Bellevue College is host to international students from dozens of countries from around the world. Over 50 different languages are spoken every day on campus. KBCS’s General Manager Steve Ramsey spoke with a student from Syria recently about the impact the immigration ban has had on him and his family.

The Travel Ban’s Impact On One Syrian-Canadian In The US

It’s been two weeks since President Trump signed an Executive Order banning immigration into the US from seven Muslim-majority countries. Kerning Cultures, a podcast highlighting the narratives from the Middle East, shared a segment with KBCS on the impacts of the travel ban on people from these countries. This Syrian-Canadian man, who is now hesitant to leave the United States, spoke with local Kerning Cultures producer, Hebah Fisher.