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Native Efforts To Prevent Fossil Fuel Projects

November 25, 2017 - 5:08 pm

In this series, Matt Remle, a local Lakota activist, describes his experience in advocating for divestment fromfossil fuel projects.

Part 1 – Matt Remle describes how he advocated for the City of Seattle to divest from fossil fuel projects, He shares his perspective on how Wells Fargo Bank, a funder of the North Dakota pipeline, became a target of protests.

Part 2 –  After the City of Seattle divested from Wells Fargo Bank, Remle continued his work in efforts to ensure that other fossil fuel projects will not be invested in.

Part 3 – Remle describes how funding which was previously destined fossil fuel projects, could be reinvested in other local causes.

Part 4 – Remle describes how the Kinder Morgan’s Tar Sands pipeline project may impact our Puget Sound region.

Part 5 –  Remle shares a story of what keeps him inspired to continue his work.


Producer: Yuko Kodama

Photo: Provided by Matt Remle