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A Message from the GM

Man in a suit with trees in background

October 10, 2019 - 11:06 am

October marks my third month on the job as General Manager for KBCS. Thanks again to everyone for the many kind words of support and encouragement that I have received since assuming this new responsibility.

I want to take this opportunity to reassure KBCS listeners and volunteers that I will do all I can in this position to preserve and grow this great tradition of locally hosted community radio here in the Pacific Northwest. I came to KBCS from another independent college radio station and I understand the unique challenges independent public media face both internally and externally.

My immediate goal is to institute new fiscal policies and procedures, as well as reform our organizational structure to help position KBCS on the right course for long term financial sustainability and continued growth. Together, we can achieve much in what I hope is a relatively short period of time and I need everyone’s cooperation to make this happen.

From each of our volunteer DJ’s, I would like you to take your respective programs to the next level of excellence. As a long time radio Program Director, I ask that you work to eliminate those annoying on-air glitches such as false starts and dead air. Be creative, entertaining, and prepared…and above all else, please stay audience focused. We need to expand our audience base and community outreach to be successful. Our goal is not to give anyone a reason to tune away by managing everything we do for continuous improvement.

From the very talented KBCS management team I ask that we continue to work together to streamline our management processes and procedures while embracing new technology and opportunities to save money and improve outcomes.

And from our loyal KBCS listeners I ask that you continue to do what you have been doing all these many years by supporting KBCS both morally and financially. Some listeners can afford to give a little more while others can only afford so much. But in the end, no donation is too small or too large. All of our contributions, when added together, make up the largest and most important source of funding for KBCS.

In closing, I thank you again for your support of this unique and important community resource. Each of us, contributing what we can in both talent and treasure, will ensure that KBCS will be here for future generations to enjoy and learn from as much as we do.

–Dana Buckingham