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KBCS News Picks Ten Stories from 2019

KBCS news team at the Mexican border

December 28, 2019 - 12:56 am

  • Getting Out Alive: a harrowing account of one woman navigating for her life after being shot by her ex-partner
  • The Book They Can’t Erase: the ‘jeli’ are keepers of stories in the African Mende tradition.  Listen to this perspective of people who volunteered into slavery.
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: A series of multiple perspectives on this epidemic plaguing indigenous families and our communities.
  • Preteen and Teen Girls, Puberty and the Period: Julie Metzger has been an expert in puberty for over 30 years.  She shares her takeaways from teen girls and their families
  • Omoiyari: An Interview with Kishi Bashi – This singer and songwriter discusses how his latest album addresses the internment of over 100,000 people of Japanese descent and mass incarceration in general.
  • Local Bats: A series on the many facets of our local yuma, little brown and big brown bats
  • Colonialism and Climate Change: a discussion on how colonial mentality and the climate crisis go hand in hand.
  • Canoe Journey : Stories and songs from people involved in the 2019 Intertribal Canoe Journey
  • The Ferry Riot: The teen dance ordinance and a punk riot on a ferry from Bremerton in 1987.
  • Taking Sanctuary: In April, A father, local business owner and dance instructor, Jaime Rubio took sanctuary at Seattle’s St Mark’s Cathedral as a migrant facing deportation.  He and his wife talk about why they chose this.
  • The Last Slave Ship to the United States: The significance of finding the wreckage of the last slave ship to the United States this past spring.