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Fall Fund Drive

The on-air portion of our fall fund drive has ended, but there's still time to help KBCS reach it's overall goal by month's end. Please give now, and thank you to everyone who has already donated and our many sustaining donors!

$150,000 Goal


Drive ends: September 30, 2023

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Otis Taylor

Otis Taylor

August 1, 2023 August 2, 2023

Otis Taylor is an American blues musician and singer-songwriter whose music career has been marked by his unique blend of blues, folk, and African-influenced sounds. With a deep and soulful voice, Taylor's music delves into powerful themes of social commentary, history, and personal experiences. Drawing inspiration from his African American heritage, Taylor's compositions often tackle issues of racial injustice, inequality, and the human condition. His distinctive guitar playing and banjo skills, combined with his poignant lyrics, create a raw and emotionally charged musical experience. Throughout his career, Taylor has released numerous albums, earning critical acclaim and a dedicated following. His contributions to the blues genre have been recognized with multiple awards, including the Blues Music Award. Otis Taylor's music is a testament to the enduring power of the blues and its ability to convey profound messages that resonate with listeners.

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Seattle, WA 98121

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