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Tom Voorhees

One fine summer day in my garden with a radio, spinning the dial I came across a bluegrass song. Wow. Then they played another. WOW!! First time I had heard this on the radio since the 70’s, when John Morris, the founder of Old Homestead Records had a Sunday afternoon bluegrass show in my native Michigan. Saw Larry Sparks, Charlie Moore and others at his house. Later, I joined a friend in a tin-roofed cabin 18 miles up the mountains outside Hot Springs, NC (pop. 600). A loose, scattered community of farmers who spent much of their time making music, musical instruments, moonshine, log structures, singing, praying and generally enjoying life at a slow, slow pace. Electricity had been there only 15 years at the time. At first they thought this 20-something long-haired hippie was a federal agent here to bust them for bootlegging and moonshine. Soon. though, I was accepted in the community. Gained a first hand look at the love of music, family and faith of these mountain folk. I love bringing this to all of you and I treasure your stories that you’ve added to the mix through emails and phone calls.

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