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Michael Olsen aka DJ MIKEY Oh

Michael Olsen got his start as a DJ at KBPS, Benson High School’s radio station in Portland, Oregon when he was sixteen. His musical awakening began the day his brother brought home a dubbed cassette of Toots and the Maytals’ Reggae Greats. The next day, Olsen bought his first LP, a collection of Jamaican Ska Instrumentals, and has been collecting records ever since. Olsen’s collection starts with Reggae, Jazz, and Soul, and reaches out to Samba, Highlife, Disco, Soukous, Cumbia, Funk, Boogaloo, R&B classics and more.

Rosie Daniels aka Captain AFAB

In a post-scarcity future, Captain AFAB is on communications detail. Their duty: to orbit Earth and hand-deliver messages to faraway stars aboard the Cosmic Surf.In their spare time (and because they’re a little bored), they indulge their passion for hearing and transmitting musical handiworks from Earth.People from all timelines are welcome to Cosmic Surfin’, a weekly musical cruise hosted by the Captain AFAB.

Jim Page

“One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History” – Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. Recorded 21 albums. Songs covered by Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Michael Hedges, Roy Bailey. Toured 13 countries. “If Jim Page ain’t the bastard son of Woody Guthrie I’m T-Bone Walker” – Robert Hunter

DJ General Strike

DJ General Strike hosts Protest Tunes, a weekly collection of music from all genres and eras sharing a theme relevant to current news, events, and protests.

Vince Jovanovich

Co-host for Balkana Saturdays 2-4pm with Dominic Jovanovich.

Dominic Jovanovich

Co-host for Balkana Saturdays 2-4pm with Vince Jovanovich.

Matt Fish

Co-host of Crosscurrents Wednesdays 11pm-12am with Andrew Stauffer.

Michael Schell

Michael Schell has been passionate about modern music ever since being spooked by a recording of The Rite of Spring as a toddler. He has two degrees in music, and has had various avocations as a composer, intermedia artist, systems engineer and cribbage player. He’s lived in Texas, California, Iowa, Nepal and New York, and now enjoys life in Seattle, where he hosts Flotation Device on KBCS and Radio Eclectus on KHUH, and writes about contemporary music for

Michael hosts Flotation Device Sundays 10pm-12am.

Richard Gillmann

I’ve been a KBCS host since 1997. I’m from Illinois originally and had a show on WHFH as far back as 1965. We moved to the Northwest in 1989. I’m a musician, too. I play guitar, ukulele and keyboards. The Seattle area has an abundance of great acoustic music and I often feature local musicians who deserve a wider audience.

Richard hosts The Real Folk Sundays 6-8pm.

Gregory ‘G’ D’Elia

Gregory is the current KBCS Operations Manager.