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Microaggressions and Mental Health

KBCS contributor and Health Chair of the NAACP Snohomish Chapter, Kevin Henry hosts a discussion on the effects of microaggressions on people of diverse backgrounds.  They also offer approaches on how to best support the community in recognizing and calling out microaggressions in the workplace and in personal settings.  Featured speakers are University of Washington Mental Health Therapist and Cultural Liaison, Antonia Ramos and Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Health Chair of NAACP Seattle King County, Michael Swann.

Producer: Kevin Henry

Photo: Kevin Henry

Traumatic Effects of the Buffalo Mass Shooting

KBCS reporter, Kevin P. Henry interviewed two, local, Black mental health counselors. They discuss how Black communities and communities of color can be emotionally impacted and traumatized in hearing about these racially motivated incidents. Find out how this may play out among friendships and co-workers, and some suggestions on how to help. (more…)

Black Youth Mental Health

Michelle Williams-Clark is the Eastside Youth Coalition Founder and Executive Director.  The organization is committed to providing Black, Latinx, Youth Of Color with racially and culturally relevant programs, in a safe community where their lives are valued.  Williams-Clark describes how the pandemic has impacted communities she works with and what the youth in these communities need in this time. 

These excerpts are from an NAACP Health Committee webinar on Reducing Anxiety, Stress and Depression During the Pandemic

Producer: Yuko Kodama

Photo: Michelle Williams-Clark

Youth and Mental Health and the Need for Trusted Adults

Kate Donaldson experienced her first of daily panic attacks while she was in high school.  She describes the anatomy of her panic attack in this audio story.  Luckily, Donaldson had access to some key resources during this time, including trusted adults.
Donaldson went on to study psychology and applied her studies in the field.  Today, she’s partnered with Dr. Luci Hackbert, a local clinical psychologist specializing in social and emotional learning curriculum, to create the calm and connected toolkit
The toolkit offers a call for communities to create a web of trusted adults for our youth.  Listen in on the genesis of this program and how it works.
Producer: Yuko Kodama
Photo: Dr. Lucianne Hackbert and Kate Donaldson

One Mother’s Experience with Bipolar Disorder

Annie, a mother of five, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when her daughter was in preschool. She shares her personal story of living with with this mental illness. (more…)