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KBCS In-Studio with Paula Boggs Band

May 31, 2023 - 3:57 pm

We were thrilled to have Paula Boggs Band return to the KBCS Studio for an in-studio performance. Paula and KBCS Music Director, Iaan Hughes, talked about her latest album Janus, and as the album title might imply, delved into beginnings and transitions. Janus is a personal and potent album pulling from Paula’s own history, yet

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Bridging the Divide Through Music

May 25, 2023 - 9:40 am

91.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20230525 Music Bridges The Divide Miriam Oomen is a musician (fiddle player), teaches music and plays in old-time bands.  She hails from Eugene, Oregon and was at Bellevue College as a speaker at a Bellevue College event, Voices United: A Week of Campus-Wide and Civic Conversation.  It provides the opportunity to

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The Future of US-China Relations

May 23, 2023 - 1:31 pm

Governor Gary Locke, who serves as Interim President at Bellevue College spoke on campus about the future of US-China relations on May 16th.  Governor Locke served as Washington State Governor from 1997-2005.  He served as the 36th US Secretary of Commerce from 2009 to 2011 and as ambassador to China from 2011 to 2014.  The

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Transforming Intergenerational Pain into Inspiration and Strength

Lauren Iida Lauren Iida

May 18, 2023 - 9:52 am

1.3 KBCS · 91.3KBCS 20230518 Lauren Iida – Processing Intergenerational Trauma   Lauren Iida is a local artist, whose work adorns public spaces including the Washington State Convention Center, Plymouth Housing in Seattle and Uncle Bob’s place in Seattle’s Chinatown International District.  Her main medium is hand-cut paper.    Iida’s Japanese American grandparents were incarcerated

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KBCS In-Studio with Tuck & Patti

April 19, 2023 - 8:28 am

Genre crushing duo Tuck & Patti stopped by the KBCS studio before their show at Jazz Alley for a wide ranging conversation about musical partnerships, early influences, covering Cyndi Lauper, and how music is community; it was all really quite lovely. Oh! They also played 3 songs live, plus Tuck showed Iaan Hughes what a

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KBCS In-studio with Willy Tea Taylor

April 17, 2023 - 10:20 am

We spent a nice Friday afternoon hanging out with Willy Tea Taylor this past Friday listening to his tough but tender songs, talking about the lost art of the knuckleball, why he plays tenor guitar, and a shared love for Jim Harrison books.

2023 Spring Message

Daffodil CUp Daffodil Closeup

April 15, 2023 - 11:21 am

2023 Spring Message from KBCS General Manager

KBCS In-Studio with This Girl

April 14, 2023 - 5:59 pm

KBCS Music Director, Iaan Hughes, sat down with This Girl to chat about Diva Ranch: A Country Drag Show at the Tractor Tavern on April 16th. This conversation goes everywhere from country music as Drag performance, to the silliness of Kid Rock shooting beer cans, to the multiple laws being written to ban Drag performances

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KBCS In-Studio with Abby K.

April 12, 2023 - 10:48 am

Sometimes, rather than beginnings and endings, we need songs about being in the middle of things. That’s just what Abby K. does and does so well. Her latest album is called Where We’re At and we were thrilled that she shared moments from it with us yesterday. She was joined by the very talented Jonathan Plum

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KBCS In-Studio with Jon Pontrello

April 11, 2023 - 11:39 am

Jon Pontrello stopped by the KBCS studio recently to play his song about PNW icon Peter Bevis. Peter had a hand in everything from the Fremont Troll, to the infamous Lenin statue, to the ill-fated Kalakala. Jon’s song is wonderful and fitting tribute to a complex person. Jon shares the stage at The Tractor Tavern

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