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Jim Page

“One Of The 50 Most Influential Musicians In Seattle History” – Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. Recorded 21 albums. Songs covered by Doobie Brothers, Christy Moore, Dick Gaughan, Michael Hedges, Roy Bailey. Toured 13 countries. “If Jim Page ain’t the bastard son of Woody Guthrie I’m T-Bone Walker” – Robert Hunter

DJ General Strike

DJ General Strike hosts Protest Tunes, a weekly collection of music from all genres and eras sharing a theme relevant to current news, events, and protests.

Vince Jovanovich

Co-host for Balkana Saturdays 2-4pm with Dominic Jovanovich.

Mike Biggins

Mike worked behind the mic at stations in Iowa City, LA, Vail, San Diego and Las Vegas before moving to Seattle in 1995. He spends a lot of his free time traveling to festivals and shows in Austin, Nashville, Boston, Chicago and NYC.  In Seattle, he can frequently be found at the Tractor Tavern.

Mike Biggins hosts Sunday Folks, which airs every Sunday from 9am-12pm on KBCS.

Sista Elaine

Sista Elaine lived on O’ahu in the cute town of Aiea before moving to Seattle. She began broadcasting in 2014 and enjoys sharing her love of the Hawaiian Islands with anyone who will listen, Saturdays at noon.

Sista Elaine helps host Hawai`i Radio Connection Saturdays 12-2pm.

Andrew Stauffer

Andrew Stauffer is an accomplished musician who learned to play piano at age 6. He currently performs with at least 3 groups in the Seattle area, playing  electric bass, keyboards, blues harmonica, and acoustic guitar. Originally from the East Coast, Andrew moved to Seattle in 1996 at the end of a long summer road trip.

Andrew has been listening to KBCS since he first got to Seattle. He loves the programming on KBCS because it caters to his wide range of musical interests. He is a huge fan of the public affairs programming, and relies on Democracy Now to keep him politically and socially informed.

Andrew currently hosts Back Tracks Sunday nights and co-hosts Crosscurrents Wednesdays 11pm-12am with Matt Fish.

Auntie `Ala

I  grew up in Manoa Valley on Oahu and graduated from Roosevelt High School. I moved to Washington in 1969 after marrying a sailor from Everett. We raised one son and I worked in food service and was a barista for 17 years until my husband passed. I danced hula with Kumuhula Sally Galt for nearly 20 years. So while taking a Hawaiian language class, I learned of the opportunity to co-host with Braddah Gomes and have been doing that for almost 2 years now. Playing Hawaiian music makes me feel closer to home.

Auntie ‘Ala helps co-host Hawai`i Radio Connection Saturdays 12-2pm.



Nje is a music producer and a performing artist, born and raised in Kenya and now living in the United States. He has been involved in the music industry for over twenty years. He is the Producer and Owner of Ufuoni (swahili for Seashore) Records and has participated in charity activities, organizing concerts and events throughout East Africa.

Nje is a conscious Hip Hop and Reggae Artist, influenced and inspired by the style of underground Hip-Hop and portraying positive messages in his music. He is still learning the Hip Hop cultures in the U.S. and as a Producer he targets the underground Hip Hop artist who never had a chance to get airplay on radio stations. He explores Hip Hop culture from all over the world.

Nje hosts Hip Hop Knuckles Saturdays 11pm-12am.

Auntmama (Mary Anne Moorman)

Auntmama tells stories that are topical and narrative linking her Appalachian roots to her northwest home.

President of Seattle’s Storytellers Guild, emcee storyteller for Bainbridge Bluegrass and board member for Village Speaks, she can be heard on Sunday Folks.

Catch a story anytime at or Madison Park Starbuck’s the last Thursday of every month.

Tom Voorhees

One fine summer day in my garden with a radio, spinning the dial I came across a bluegrass song. Wow. Then they played another. WOW!! First time I had heard this on the radio since the 70’s, when John Morris, the founder of Old Homestead Records had a Sunday afternoon bluegrass show in my native Michigan. Saw Larry Sparks, Charlie Moore and others at his house. Later, I joined a friend in a tin-roofed cabin 18 miles up the mountains outside Hot Springs, NC (pop. 600). A loose, scattered community of farmers who spent much of their time making music, musical instruments, moonshine, log structures, singing, praying and generally enjoying life at a slow, slow pace. Electricity had been there only 15 years at the time. At first they thought this 20-something long-haired hippie was a federal agent here to bust them for bootlegging and moonshine. Soon. though, I was accepted in the community. Gained a first hand look at the love of music, family and faith of these mountain folk. I love bringing this to all of you and I treasure your stories that you’ve added to the mix through emails and phone calls.

Tom co-hosts Bluegrass Ramble with Tom Keeney Sundays 12-3pm.